Văn phòng miền Nam tổ chức Tiệc Tất Niên Mậu Tuất 2018

2019-01-31 10:11:10

    After the Year End Party held on January 25th by Northern Office, the Management Board of the company together with Managers have a business trip to Southern Office and have a year-end review meeting and hold a Year-end party for staffs here

    After 3 years operated in Southern Area, electronic testing and commissioning field of Company here has gained a certain position, has built up a workforce who are being capable of conducting many projects, helping to decline the dependence to the Northern Office. Therein, there are some specific projects such as The 110kV Dam Nai Substation in Ninh Thuan which belongs to Dam Nai – Ninh Thuan Project or the project Measuring parameter of electric line 171 of 110kV Bau Bang Substation and line 172 of 110kV Vien Dong Substation in Binh Duong

    Backing to Year end party, beside staffs and their families from Southern Office, the company Management Board and Managers from Northern Office, there have attendance of guests who are company partners, intimate friends, and so on. They are people who give extreme trust, support and coordinate to the company in general and to Southern Office in particular. The party is held in a cozy and warm atmosphere

Southern Office holds Year End Party welcoming Year of Dog 2018

“Ben em la bien rong”
 Partner PCC1

    On occasion of Tet approaching and Spring coming, wish entire staffs of Southern office of Vietnam Energy Technology and Trading Joint Stock Company full of health, passion, eager so as to successfully complete assigned tasks.

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